Trip Bark®slee

Day trip Bark®slee 
For this amazing new day trip we use a sled which was developed by ourselves and that is therefore entirely adapted for adventure. The Bark®sled is a sled which basically combines skiing, cross-country skiing and sledding. This sled makes it possible to travel long distances and to go to places which can not be reached otherwise.  The Bark®sled also has a seat, so it is possible to take somebody along or to place your luggage. By this particular way of sledding one can go into nature and enjoy the mystical beauty of Swedish nature. 
We start the Bark®sled trip with a short explanation about the use of the sled and there is the possibility to drink coffee or tea at the camp fire. Then we will depart in the direction of Trollberget, where we will arrive at about noon and have lunch. After lunch we head to the valley and go back to the camp via the lake. The day will end with a cup of coffee or tea at the camp fire. Children are welcome!

Mountain bike

This is a great activity for everybody who loves to be outside. We have set up several routes through marvellous nature in the Siljan area for you. We start the trips with a cup of coffee or tea and then you will leave. Around noon you will arrive in our camp, which is situated somewhere along the route. We will have lunch at the campfire in this camp. In the afternoon you will continue your tour whereby you can enjoy nature. We will end the tours with a cup of coffee or tea at the campfire.
It is also possible to spend the night in nature. We know the best places in the area and can take care for your accommodation and meals. Of course we will also provide you with fire wood, so you will not get cold in the evening.

- For the entire family
- Back-up with car for safety
-  Enjoy the silence
- Routes of 20, 30, 45 km
- For additional information and booking, please contact us


Day trip canoeing 
We have set up two day trips through the Siljan area. These trips will take you to places which you 
would never see otherwise. The remoteness will help you to experience silence and tranquillity of the area. 
Tour 1 starts at Norrboda beach and will take you via Osesjön to Skattungen. You will canoe in the same direction as the river. The tour ends at Skattungbyn, where you will be brought back to Norrboda.

 Tour 2 starts in Norrboda, from where you will head to Dalstuga with a 4x4. This will take about 35 minutes. In Dalstuga the canoeing will start on the big lake Amungen. This tour will take you through an area where you will not see any other people. This is nature in its’ purest form. The trip will end in Dalfors, from where you will be brought back to Norrboda.
For both trips we will arrive somewhere around noon in our camp, where we will prepare a meal for you in the Swedish way. There is also a camp fire of course. Moreover, it is an option to extend your canoe with an electro motor if you want to make paddling easier when there is wind.

 It is also possible to spend the night on one of the islands within the lakes. We would love to take care for your overnight stay and we will provide you with wood so you are able to make a campfire at night.

Trip 1 ± 20 km. Trip 2 ± 30 kr

For the entire family
Experience silence 
Be active in nature
Back-up car for safety
inclusive lunch

Hiking trail Siljansleden

The hiking route around the Siljan lake is about 340 km and follows an ancient farmer path that used to bring them and their cattle to their grasslands and summer farms. The route is situated in a marvellous landscape with mountains higher than 400 meters above sea level. There is much variation whereas there are many little lakes and creeks hidden in the forests. The water gives the opportunity to fish or swim and there is a chance of seeing wild animals that come to the water to drink. Move carefully and enjoy the experience!
It is easy to follow the route, since there are clear markings on trees. On the way you will find wind shelters and cabins which you can use. You can make camp fires in the cabins and it is also possible to spend the night in them. 
The area is quite rough and it is necessary to be well equipped.  It is possible to hike a part of the Siljansleden route. This route starts behind our company, so you can start from there. We can pick you up from an agreed place somewhere along the route. In this way we can help you out with the transport of your luggage, taking care of the meals and the places to sleep. We are also a back-up in case something might happen. 

Outdoor cooking

Are you on the way with your family or friends or are you staying somewhere in nature? And you don’t want any trouble preparing your meal? Call us!  We will prepare a delicious meal wherever you are staying so you will be able to enjoy your company. 
 This lunch/meal will be prepared on the campfire and we will take care of everything. Be surprised by the creativity of the host. 

Motorboat (Fishing)

Fishing trip with motorboat
For people who love to fish, Sweden is of course the place to be. Especially the Siljans’ area is very suitable for making fishing trips on one of the lakes.  You are assured of a good catch.
Moreover, it is very relaxing to be in a boat enjoying the great environment. There is a broad variety of fishes present in the lakes, only a few examples are pike-perches, bass, minnows and trout. In total there are 37 species of fish present, and you will definitely have a big change of catching fish, wherever you are in Sweden. In case you want to fish from a boat, you will now have the opportunity to rent one from us. It is also possible to take a long a guide who will prepare lunch in a Swedish way. We know from experience, that even if you are not able to catch any fish for some reason, you will still have a day you will never forget!
- For the whole family

- Experience the Siljan / Oresjön
- Fishing!
- incl. Life-jackets
- Max 4 adults